CRM development

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - is the Customer Relationship Management System. In other words, it is a client database and reflects the business processes of your enterprise in the program. The CRM system is designed to automate and analyze most of the processes associated with customer relationships - calls, orders, hits, advertising campaigns, and more.

Who needs a CRM?

CRM systems are successfully used by all types of businesses, regardless of the size of the company. A sales company can not exist without such system. Even when you are an ordinary entrepreneur, your efficiency and order will be at the proper level, if you begin to keep track of your contacts, orders, reminders in one integral system!

Why do you need a CRM system?

  •  You will get a convenient customer base, stop losing contacts
  •  You can keep track of customer referrals
  •  You can set tasks for your employees
  •  You will control all stages of the transaction with the client
  •  You will have the client base, not managers, and you will not lose it with the release of an employee
  •  You can receive an automatic reminder (in the system itself, E-mail, SMS) about all cases.
  •  You will see all sales from the height and can analyze them, sell additional services
  •  You will not lose a client who is ready to buy, but later
  •  You can make mass mailings to your clients - to congratulate on a holiday, offer a discount
  •  You will get analysis of your advertising campaigns, reports

What is CRM?

This system can exist in one of the three most common forms:

1On your own server online

We recommend this option. It will be a site with access only for users by passwords. This system is convenient because it is available to you on any device anywhere in the world!

2On a "cloud"

You can work a customer base on the service and with special websites, on which many companies have their own base. Everyone is in their account. The advantage as well as the disadvantage is that the servers and the program are strange.

3On the firm's server

A database version can be kept right on your computer or on a server in the company. The so-called desktop software requires special software for access from another location

How much does a CRM system cost?

The CRM system is not always expensive. There are very cheap solutions. We can offer you to install an open source system (distributed free of charge) and configure it to your needs. The costs for such system will be from 200 USD and it is completely your property. Then, you will only continue to host the domain once a year (on average $20).

If the budget allows you to spend from 1600 USD, we can develop such a system entirely under your company, taking into account business processes, call-center and even corporate identity!

The CRM system will keep your customers, your time and money!