Website development

In the era of the Internet, there are two ways for enterpreneurs to be: you do not have a website and lose clients; or you have a website with a need to renovate and support it, as technologies and requirements for moderm website change all the time.

If you decided to design a wevsite, you could order its development in our firm. We can design a any type of website you need. Even if you think about something difficult and strange, it isn’t a problem for us. We say "It’s interesting"!

What is necessary for the website design?
Only your desire! Anuthing else? We will prepare, find, order, make, paint, write ... it for You! Website is a unique product, first of all, because there are many oppurtunities like modern technologies and solutions available for its creating. All these opportunities give a chance to design a website according to any possible budget!

from 200 USD
  •  website-business card, mini-catalog, gallery, promo-site
  •  up to 5 full pages
  •  based on CMS and free plugins
  •  the site control panel by CMS
  •  standard design
  •  adapted to mobile devices
  •  without SSL
  •  hosting for 1 year
  •  domain for 1 year
from 800 USD
  •  any type of websites, except services and corporate portals
  •  full pages up to ∞
  •  based on CMS and designed plugins
  •  the site control panel by CMS
  •  unique design
  •  adapted to mobile devices
  •  SSL security for 1 year
  •  hosting for 1 year
  •  domain for 1 year
from 1600 USD
  •  any type of complexity project
  •  full pages up to ∞
  •  based on frameworks Yii
  •  the unique site control panel
  •  corporate design
  •  adapted to mobile devices
  •  SSL with subdomains
  •  virtual or dedicated server, cloud
  •  domain for 1 year

The budget is limited and the site has been still needed from yesterday?!
ОК! Here you are! Modern, full value and adapted to all mobile devices website! Based on CMS Wordpress! The cost is only 200 USD and 3 days of website development!

Have budget about 800 USD?
Here you have a website, based on moderm CMS with all needed plugins! We will develop a unique website for your specific project with all functional moduls, you need for business (catalogs, order forms, contact forms, galleries, etc.). AND! Your website may be multilingual!!!

Do you need the highest level project?
Have worries that your program must be desighed rationally and will be ready for huge loads? If you have 1600 USD, we can propose you the website development based on frameworks Yii, Symfony and etc. Such kind of project will meet all modern requirements and technology trends. Of course, it will be designed specifically for you and any professional programmer will be able to complete it or change over time. Also, a site administrator without programming knowledge will be able to fill it up or change the content with incredible ease.

Too many words?!

Just give us your phone number and we are telling you all details