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Website based on the framework

The website based on the framework is the business logic website built entirely to your needs. Framework is a peculiar library, a set of functionality for writing a website, but not a ready website, as in the case of a Wordpress CMS. This eliminates many design constraints and allows you to plan your website's architecture as much as possible.

The website based on the framework does not have an incomprehensible or unnecessary functionality, as it happens with a ready-made content management system (sites on "squatters"). The control panel for such kind of website is very convenient and simple, because it is developed entirely for a specific project. Such kimd of website can have a lot of load unlike websites on systems like Joomla, Wordpress.

What is a website based on the framework:

  •  project of any complexity
  •  unlimited number of pages or items in the catalog but the cost includes only the test content
  •  based on Yii frameworks
  •  the unique site control panel
  •  corporate design
  •  adapted to mobile devices
  •  SSL with sub-domains, because personal data can be collected; such kind of website requires additional protection - data encryption
  •  virtual or dedicated server, cloud
  •  domain for 1 year

Stages of website development on the framework:


drafting of the technical task with the scheme of pages


drawing layouts of pages and elements of a website

3Frontend developing

HTML-coding, the frontend developing


Plugins development, website programming

5Content filling

Filling pages with up-to-date information


Project testing and correcting


The website placement at the permanent address on the server


Website maintenance and support, updating