We will clean the site from viruses, resume work and unlock it on Google.

Only until April 18! 470 USD  160 USD

Get an incredible discount and a whole week of FREE MONITORING!

Service "The website cleaning from viruses"

 Does your website sending spam?
 The site is slowing down, running errors, or the server returns an error "Internal server error 500"?!
 Search engines or browsers indicate that your site is dangerous and recommend users to leave it
Unfortunately, this could mean that your site is broken or hacked ... Do not worry, leave your problems to us!

Service "The website cleaning from viruses"

We will crawl and manually check the files and database of your site. We will remove the detected viruses, and also close the found vulnerabilities. After that, we will notify the search systems in order to remove the warning that the site is harmful.

Scanner check

Manual research


Closure of vulnerabilities

Website monitoring

Inform Google

We will follow the work of your website for a whole week to prevent re-defeat!
We will remove messages in Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome that the website is harmful and could be a threat to the user.
As a result, you will receive a clean website and a report on the results of the analysis and corrections!

How to give us a website for cleaning?

  Option 1: You can give us access to your server or hosting (to cPanel, ISPmanager, Plesk). This is the best way.
  Option 2: You can pack a website and database into an archive, but it is less effective way of learning the affected site.